How to Connect Your Wi-Fi Router- MI Router Ip Address Issues

With the increase in the demand for internet access, more people are opting for a Wi-Fi enabled device such as a Mi router. As there is an increase in the number of people who are surfing the internet with a router, so the need for this kind of router has also increased. In order to make it more useful, a router can be added with a built-in modem and the use of IP addresses can be added as well. But if one has not yet bought a router or is unaware of how to connect a Wi-Fi enabled router to his or her Wi-Fi enabled laptop, then here are some tips on how to connect the two devices.

How to connect the two devices?

Router Log in – To log in to the Mi router login box, the user has to follow the instructions given below. Firstly, ensure that you are connected to an internet connection. Then open any web browser on your system and enter the router’s URL in the URL address field. This is the address of the router which is needed for connecting to it using the web. Once the user has entered the router’s URL address, he or she should click on “Log On” in order to be able to log into the router’s login box. This should prompt the user to enter the login details and password which would allow the user to log in to the router’s interface.

Add Wi-Fi Networks – Once the user has logged in, the user should then try to connect to a wireless network within the same network range. This should provide him or her with a Wi-Fi signal. Once the user has found a wireless signal in the same network, he or she should try to connect to it by entering the router’s wireless SSID and password provided during the initial set up process.

Set Up Wi-Fi Settings – After successfully connecting to the router’s wireless networks, the user should then configure the router to enable its Wi-Fi services. The router’s settings should have the capability of connecting to the various networks and enabling the use of IP addresses. Once done, the router should allow the users to log in to it by entering the router’s wireless SSID and password. again, after which the user should be prompted to enter his or her username and password. again, after entering the username and password, the user should then click on “Log On” to be able to enter into the router’s interface.

How To Configure Wireless Network

Configure Wireless Network – If any other devices are connected to the router, the user must then configure the router to become an access point for the wireless network and should assign its own IP address to that device. By default, the router’s default settings should be used to connect to wireless networks, so the user can simply enter the wireless SSID and password to connect to the router’s wireless network will automatically assign the IP address.

Use VPN – Another method to connect to the Wi-Fi is to use a VPN. There are many VPN service providers who can provide an easy to use service by which one can simply access the Wi-Fi via a VPN tunnel which should then be used to connect to the internet using the VPN service. If a Wi-Fi signal is already available through another internet access point, then the user can easily connect to the internet through this Wi-Fi signal and should find that there is a Wi-Fi signal coming from the internet source, then the user will automatically connect to that source. by configuring the VPN server. You might also want to read about log on and


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